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Menthol cigarettes KOOL

menthol cigarettes koolMenthol cigarettes KOOL. Buy cheap menthol cigarettes KOOL: tax-free cigarettes store. Low price for menthol cigarettes KOOL. We sell cheap KOOL menthol cigarettes online (cigarettes from Duty-Free shops). The KOOL brand, founded in 1933. Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, were the first who obtained menthol cigarettes KOOL. Originally providing little sector of the market, brand KOOL quickly became the most popular brand of cigarettes with menthol in America (hold fast to this position until 2000), as well as in the whole world. First cigarette KOOL was unfiltered and with 240 "tipped", standard size (70 mm); cigarette filter size King Size (85 mm) was released in 1953, which was later superseded by a version with filter in 1956. KOOL cigarettes without filter King Size bed size were released in 1952, while the long filter size (100 mm) in 1967. Data feature cigarettes and other, similar, is that the tobacco added organic substance menthol, which dampens the flavor and creates a feeling of freshness in the mouth. This does not mean, however, that such a tobacco product carries less of a threat than an ordinary cigarette without menthol, as numerous carcinogens and other hazardous substances are constant in it. All cigarettes are manufactured with the addition of a menthol KOOL. Some of them are placed in soft packs, that is an indicator of quality. Kool cigarette advertising inherently based on cartoon character - Penguin Willie, which was depicted in clothing of various professions, including doctor, soldier, cook, etc. In the early 60-ies marketing agency has decided to no longer use an image of sea birds, and instead of Kool cigarettes began to associate with the cool taste of menthol, which, according to advertisers, it is best to emphasize the cold water or snow. During the lifetime of the commercials aimed at the promotion of products under the brand name Kool, they filmed various famous people in America. 'B&W' in advertising cigarettes "Kool" claim that they protect against colds and help maintain clarity in mind. Interesting fact: the content of nicotine in Marlboro, the brand chosen by two-thirds of smokers, increased 12 percent. Kool cigarette lights - at 30%. Two-thirds of African-American smokers prefer menthol cigarettes.

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