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Newport menthol cigarettes.
Menthol cigarettes Newport is one of the most popular brands on the market, designed for those looking for a feeling of freshness and purity during the process of smoking. In menthol cigarettes Newport 0.2 mg of nicotine and used only high quality tobacco, this fact becomes evident whenever menthol breath. Fans of the bold, natural, mint and soft flavor, make the right choice by deciding to try out menthol cigarettes Newport. The Newport brand manufacturers realize that people have different preferences, and because they have gone to great lengths to satisfy the demands of the consumer. Mark Newport is the leader among of all menthol cigarettes. Tobacco is the leading producer of the Newport brand of American cigarettes, could not fail to please its fans of menthol cigarettes. Attractive bundle, painted in the traditional green, implying the mint flavor tobacco products, immediately attracts the views.

Salem menthol cigarettes.
Cigarettes Salem Gold is a variation of the cult of menthol brand. Since 1956 in the field of manufacturing menthol Salem brand cigarettes was not equal. Constantly improving this type of cigarettes, Marc Salem overtakes all other menthol cigarettes in terms of sales in the market. Cigarettes Salem Gold is the perfect choice for those who like to enjoy a refreshing scent of peppermint. Camping aroma of strong tobacco and refreshing mint. Rich, perfect taste of menthol cigarettes Salem to ensure complete satisfaction with the process of smoking without strain for your taste buds. Green packaging has been updated and presented in a slick retro style. Thanks to the unique packaging, coupled with unsurpassed flavour cigarettes Salem stand out among the rest. Easy filter was simulated as effective as possible, but difficult, allowing you to relax and enjoy the unique cigarette. Every delay gives you a stable, balanced taste.

Kool menthol cigarettes.
KOOL menthol cigarettes were the first of menthol cigarettes and have gained huge popularity. Originally providing little sector of the market, brand KOOL quickly became the most popular brand of menthol cigarettes worldwide. In cigarettes KOOL is many Turkish tobaccos - 14%, and was noticeably reduced the proportion of oregano. Kool are positioned as "hard" menthol cigarettes, but the aroma and taste of new menthol cigarettes called "soft". All cigarettes are produced with addition of Kool are menthol. Some of them are placed in soft packs, that is one indicator of quality. Kool cigarettes have the following choices:

» Kool Filter Kings
» Kool Super Longs 100's
» Kool Blue 100's
» Kool XL Green
» Kool XL Blue

Dunhill menthol cigarettes.
Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol cigarettes are the number one brand among menthol cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes Dunhill created specially for tobacco lovers who appreciate well cooked, simulated special way cigarettes. Impeccably made with Golden tobacco with added mint, these cigarettes will not leave behind a heavy chemical taste. With its soft and cool flavour cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol are great for when you need a few minutes to relax. Soft unusual taste of cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol earmarks of to all strong menthol cigarettes, these cigarettes would be a refreshing choice for anyone looking for delicious flavored menthol cigarettes. Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol cigarettes have a pleasant and fresh tobacco flavor with a hint of mint. A little naughty with a cool aftertaste, Dunhill menthol cigarettes have a taste of pure tobacco. Its aroma is attractive and does not contain any additives, thereby making the cigarette taste rich and recognizable among fans of tobacco.

Menthol cigarettes Davidoff.
Davidoff smokes are thought to be professional among all the present smoking brands. Davidoff cigarettes are created so as to make cigarette smokers happy around the globe. No other smoking makes can be in contrast to Davidoff cigarettes prestige, good quality, preservatives as well as incredible flavor. These days, it grew to be chic to light up these kind of elegant smokes. Davidoff Menthol Smokes are generally easy, scrumptious and chic. Menthol, put into cigarette, makes the smokes special. In addition, we can claim that Davidoff cigarettes (especially Davidoff Menthol cigarettes) are introduced on the industry as a way to draw in the experienced those that smoke, with plenty of life wisdom. Cigarette smoking Davidoff Menthol Equipment and lighting Cigarettes is not a rapid procedure but a pleasing activity!

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